Thousands farewell Mathew Barclay at Church

Thousands of mourners show up at the Rosary Church on Thursday morning to stand beside the shaken family of Mathew Barclay, the teenage lifesaver who lost his life at the surfing championship last week, and to bid farewell to the youngster no longer with them.

Parents of Mathew stood beside their 12 year old daughter Lauren as she put his brothers’ cap, lifesaving trophy, bronze championship medal, and his uncle’s award of bravery on his casket before bidding her brother the final goodbye. Speaking at the ceremony, the father of the Church John Dobson informed the gathering that Mathews had an extraordinary relation with his uncle who had won a bravery medal for saving three lives from being taken away.

Friends and family could not control their tears as the baby sister of Mathews, Lauren remembered his brother saying, “I knew my brother loved me, even when he did not like to say it. If anyone said anything bad about me, he would defend me. We had only just started to work together in teaming up against mum and dad to get what we wanted, and 50 per cent of the time we got away with it. I’m going to miss you, Matt, and you will always be my big brother.”

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