Special taskforce formed to combat violent crimes

The government of Queensland has established a special taskforce team to investigate into the 190 break and enter cases filed in various locations of the southeast side of the state. More than 30 suspects for these cases have been identified. The government has formed the special taskforce to ensure that the number of break in attempts in the region fall dramatically as the security of the state is under threat.

The announcement of the establishment of the special taskforce was made by the Metropolitan North Region’s Chief Superintendent Anne McDonald. The decision was taken forward after the incident of four arrests of criminals from different violent gangs was made the last night. Three were arrested without hurting, whereas one of the arrested individuals suffered a gunshot and is getting the required medical treatment. McDonald said, “It is a good start for us in that we have been able to arrest four of the people that have been involved. Hopefully our investigations with these four will lead us to other offenders as well.”

Ensuring the people that break in crimes will now come to an end, McDonald said that all those responsible for the previous break ins at various malls and shopping centers will be brought to justice and claimed that the special taskforce has been put together to deal with such cases in particular.

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