Bikie leader jailed for 21 years

The leader of the biker’s gang Mick Hawi was sentenced to 21 years of imprisonment on Monday by the court as he was announced guilty of the murder of Anthony Zervas, the opposing team members at the airport brawl.

Mahmud Mick Hawi was the national president of the Comanchero at the time he was accused of murdering a member of the Hells Angles, Anthony Zervas. Mr. Hawi was declared guilty by the court in the November session of the previous year; however, his punishment was not decided. The final verdict of the court was announced today by the Justice Robert Allan who said that the accused will be imprisoned for a minimum of 21 years, which can be extended up to 28 years for the murder. The duration of his punishment will depend on his behavior inside the jail and determine if the accused secures the minimum punishment or the maximum punishment. He has been imprisoned on non-parole basis.

During the case, police reported that by the time they reached the brawl scene, the members of the two gangs were into the fight badly using various instruments to hit each other. Mr. Zervas is stated to have died due to serious head injuries which were caused by Mr. Hawi using metal bollards placed at the check in position of the airport. They also mentioned that there were about 50 eyewitnesses of the incident.

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