Canada Election 2011: Ignatieff urges Canadians to Rise Up!

I’ve always felt the Liberals need to challenge voters, rather than appeasing, appealing, we need to confront this disengaged apathy that permeates. This election, some signs of engagement- the vote mobs have been brilliant- but really the fight isn’t so much Harper, as it is training a gaze for more than a brief moment.

People have been left scratching their heads, in many respects standard assumptions fall to pieces, Harper very much looks like teflon. Some of the "scandals" aren’t trivial, they are significant. In the past, issues of this scale have tripped up campaigns, and yet in this election Harper just plows on, with impunity. Nothing seems to have changed, even though an election is supposed to bring greater attention, scrutiny. In some respects, the opposition is to blame for not making the case, but I’m sorry, it goes beyond superficial blame or credit.

In my opinion, Liberals needed to tell voters to "wake up", get in their face and raise the stakes. Some risk in that approach, for obvious reasons, but the status quo has done little to engage. With that in mind, this STIRRING speech by Ignatieff, the natural rising action quite strong, THIS is the hill we should choose to live or die on:
Rise up, wake up, get your heads out of your ass, whatever your choosing, the sentiment is required, desperately. The Liberals will lose this election, unless we create a spark and fast. This message, should be repeated at every stop, it should become our central theme, one we NEVER deviate from until the polls close. The evidence is there, the laundry list of indictments incredible when you consider, and yet Harper seems immune. Only a "cold shower" approach will do at this stage, we need a rally cry and Ignatieff organically created just that. Forget about issues of the day, meandering all over, a simple focus on this theme, everyday, everywhere, maybe it fizzles, but it’s our best chance left. Yes, RISE UP indeed!

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  1. Rise up Canada, and ask why Cretien dcomment_IDnt get rcomment_ID of the GST. Rise up Canada and ask Martin where he put the adscam money, Rise up Canada and pick the country Ignatieff moves to on May 3rd.

  2. Laundry list? Please, Harper isn’t immune, he just hasn’t done anything wrong. Problem with Liberals is that they can’t see the difference and think it is their birthright to govern. There is nothing they won’t say or do to regain power.

    Ad scam, e-health – Liberals have a serious credibility issue when it comes to corruption.

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