New rules prevent Bob Rae from becoming leader of the Liberal Party

The new "rules" for the interim leader read as though they were written for one person, because well, they were. To be clear, I’m sensing little appetite for Bob Rae as next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. You already seeing the "youth" thrust emerge and it’s only going to build up a lather as we move forward. Quite simply, Rae’s opportunity to lead this party has passed, that seems readily apparent, apart from stubborn refusal. We have four years until the next election, and with internal "change" in the air, a real stretch to see us going into the next election with Rae. I have no empirical evidence to support my contention, but I feel fairly confident in my assessment. "Generational change", "new blood", "reinventing ourselves", none of these buzzwords support Rae, in fact they suggest a clear move away. For those that think Rae would be a wonderful permanent leader, I respect that opinion, I just don’t agree and it increasingly looks improbable.

These rules are the Rae contract, and I hope he accepts the terms, because under these conditions he may well be the best choice. All the intangibles are there, an incredible effective and thoughtful orator, almost an elder statesman respect, what’s not to like? Baggage abounds, but for interim, as a bridge builder, not as much of a concern. I’m also heartened that these new rules reflect exactly the concerns I’ve heard articulated over the last few days, head office got the message, from all quarters apparently.

The way I see it, Rae has two choices. Accept these stipulations and become interim leader or reject them and never become leader. Blunt yes, but perhaps a blue sky perspective, because certain moments have now passed, old ambitions are just that and the party requires seismic changes. I never see Rae as that transformational figure, but I do see him helping us get there. Take the gig Mr. Rae, it looks like a "as good as it gets" proposition from this outpost.

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