Conrad returns to Toronto

After Ottawa granted one-year residency permit to Conrad Black, he returned to Canada on Friday. Black was welcomed by two dogs and his wife, Barbara Amiel Black, at his house in Toronto. The couple shared a kiss before entering the house.

Black came back to Canada after serving over three years in Florida prison. He was convicted for fraud and obstruction of justice. After his release, the U.S. immigration officials picked him at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution and brought straight to the Miami International Airport.

Apparently, Black was kept at the Federal Correctional Institution near Miami since September and before that he was kept in another remote prison in Florida. Allegedly, female prison worker claims that Black was a different kind of a prisoner in Coleman. She says Black often demanded special treatment and had other prisoners cook and clean for him “like servants.”

Despite the fact that Black had given up his Canadian citizenship to gain British citizenship over a decade ago, it was generally believed that he eventually wanted to come back to his home in Toronto’s elite Bridle Path neighborhood where his friends looked forward to meeting him.

“For a foreign national with a criminal record, even one that’s non-violent, it’s a fairly lengthy process to establish Canadian citizenship,” said Immigration Minister Jason Kenney this week.

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