Robocalls traced to a computer used by Guelph Tory campaign worker

Elections Canada says the robocolls were made through a computer used by one of the Tory campaigners in Guelph, Ont. These robocalls were made to misdirect the voters in the last federal election. It’s been a year since Elections Canada is investigating the deceptive calls.

According to the recently released court documents, investigator Al Mathews found out that the PayPal account that was used to pay for the robocalls had the same IP address as a computer used by Andrew Prescott – the deputy campaign manager in the riding. Mathews also mentioned the alleged aliases including “Pierre Jones” to set up an account with RackNine.

Investigator Allan Mathews claims in an affidavit that between April 30 and May 2, two unique computer addresses were used to access RackNine by Prescott and also by the person who paid for misleading robocalls.

Fred DeLorey, a spokesman for the Conservative Party of Canada, seems reluctant to answer any queries related to Mathews’ affidavit.

“We have proactively reached out to Elections Canada and offered to assist them in any way we can. That includes handing over any documents or records that may assist them. We will not comment on specifics as we do not want to compromise any part of the investigation,” he said.

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