Bus beheader Li says aliens don’t talk to him anymore

Vince Li, 44, says he completely understands why people still fear him. Li wildly beheaded a passenger, Tim McLean, on Greyhound bus in 2008. Later, the court did not find him criminally responsible and thus sent him to Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

Li alleges to remember the entire incident. He says it is engraved in his mind like a worst nightmare. However, he claims to be medically fit now. He believes the aliens who haunted him went back since he does not hear them talk to him anymore.

“I try to forget it… I feel nervous. I feel painful. I am embarrassed. It was wrong,” Li said.

Li spoke to the media after about four years. He was kept in a medical facility where doctors were treating him for schizophrenia. He said he sympathizes with McLean’s family and regrets what he did to him. He feels guilty and wishes to help them in any possible way.

“I would do anything for their family. I would ask forgiveness, but I know it would be hard to accept.”

Li was interviewed by Chris Summerville, CEO of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada. Summerville has been staying in touch with Li over the past four years to see him progress.

Li had requested the Manitoba Criminal Review Board for more freedom. Li’s psychiatrist, Dr. Steven Kremer, confirms that his patient has been taking his meds regularly and has responded positively to all his treatments over the past four years. He says, Li should be allowed to take short trips into Selkirk, Man.

“The privileges being asked for… would not place the public at high risk,” Kremer told the board. “He has done very well. He has been a robust responder. He understands if he were not to take his medication, he would experience deterioration.”

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