Police attempt to identify exhumed body in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Following an exhumation yesterday of an unidentified person found floating in the Malpeque Bay 13 years ago, a forensic pathologist was able to determine a number of new facts in the case.

The victim was a young man, (age not determined as yet) physically in good shape, 5’11", with a 36" waist, giving his estimated weight at approximately 200 pounds at the time of his death.

The autopsy examination reveals that while he was of healthy disposition, his mouth and teeth were of very poor overall health. The poor dental health may not have been readily visible to those he was in contact with as the teeth that were most deteriorated through cavities and decay were at the back, with as many as 10 teeth missing. He did have indications of a serious abscess which had healed prior to his death but it’s unknown if the pain would have been something that he complained about, but it is possible. It is likely that this individual may never have had any dental treatment done in his life, either by lack of access or by choice.

Also, the examination confirmed that the man was in the water no more than several months before recovery.

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