Danger to your health “Vita Breath” contains hazardous levels of lead

Product Names

Vita Breath

Manufacturer / Place of Origin
American Herbal Lab Inc. of Rosemead, California, USA

Product Description

Vita Breath
is promoted as an herbal dietary supplement. According to the company’s Web site, www.newvita.com, the product is promoted for improvement of health in people with asthma, and to support a healthy "lung energy" and respiratory system.

According to the FDA news release, the product is marketed at health fairs in the U.S. and on the Internet.

Reason for Warning
The U.S. FDA warned consumers not to buy or consume Vita Breath because it may contain hazardous levels of lead, which is a heavy metal.

Following a report of lead poisoning in a patient using Vita Breath, the FDA analyzed samples and found it to contain lead at levels 10,000 times higher than the FDA’s maximum recommended level for lead in candy.

The amount of lead in the sample exceeds Health Canada limits as well.

Ingestion of excessive amounts of heavy metals poses serious health risks because they may accumulate in vital organs of the body. Children are most susceptible to the toxic effects of heavy metals.

Possible Side-Effects
The toxic effects of lead include abdominal pain, anemia, changes in blood pressure, reproductive disorders such as miscarriage, weakness, concentration problems, weight loss, insomnia, dizziness, and kidney and brain damage.

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