Terrorists attack Ahmadi mosques, 70 dead in Lahore, Pakistan

Terrorists armed with automatic weapons and grenades attacked two mosques of the Ahmadi Islamic sect in the Pakistan city of Lahore yesterday, killing at least 70 people.

There were fears last night the death toll could rise.

The mosques are located in the heavily congested area of Garhi Shahu and the upmarket Model Town.

Mosques were packed with worshippers attending Friday prayers.

PTV showed an attacker in the minaret of one of the mosques firing a rifle and throwing grenades.

Police exchanged fire with the attackers and at least one terrorist was reportedly arrested.

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  1. What a big surprise? Muslim killing Muslim? want the body count? go to thereligionofpeace.com to keep up with the superstitious slaughter within the worlds most violent religion: Islam

  2. Islam is a religion of peace and if u don’t believe me I don’t blame you because what the mainstream Muslims are showing you is sure not peace but ahmadi Muslim are Muslims that spread peace and brotherhood but yet they are being killed in Pakistan because. Ahmadi’s believe in LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE and this is the reason they dcomment_ID not rebel against such brutality.

    I request all the people who are reading this to please go to Ahmadi websites such as alislam.org and see the true face of Islam and see how peaceful this religion is! And I request all to remember the people who have been murdered and pray for the families of these Martyrs!

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