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Thursday, September 29, 2016 06:07 AM
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Misha Lakhani Ties Knot With Mustafa Dawood

Misha LakhaniMisha LakhaniPakistan’s most renowned veteran fashion designer Misha Lakhani has just begun her marital life by tying knot with Mustafa Dawood in a scintillating nuptials ceremony.

Looking prettier than ever, gorgeous Misha Lakhani with her husband Mustafa Dawood joined her close friends and family at her wedding ceremony. The guests included fashion divas, other designer fellows, fashion icons and celebrities who all congratulated new couple. Then started a big bash, gathering all to tap their feet on music.

Misha Lakhani was dressed in a glittering bridal outfit and accompanied Nida Azwer as well as some other designer friends. The mehndi of Misha Lakhani and Mustafa Dawood was also an electrifying function for all attendees.

Misha Lakhani is a known bridal couturier, who has blazed many big fashion runways with a spectacular range of traditional Pakistani bridalwear and formal collections. Her substantial participation was at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 and L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2012.

We congratulate Misha Lakhani for her new life.

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