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Sex: Men are always ready, willing, and able

A woman only has to give a guy the green light and she can sleep with him. Twenty-four by seven, a man is willing to have sex and can be made to have an erection with little or no stimulation. It's a sure thing. No effort on the part of his partner, the woman, is necessary.

There are in fact

Pamela Madsen, Jack Layton, and an erotic massage

I'm sure that title is going to raise a few questions if not eyebrows. So here's the oddball thought which came to mind.

I recently read and reviewed the book Shameless by Pamela Madsen (see my blog Book Review: Shameless by Pamela Madsen). The best description of this comes from Amazon's own

Davy Rothbart cums to a conclusion Proclivity, propensity, penchant, predilection, preference, partiality, and predisposition. I've managed to create quite a list of words starting with the letter P, all meaning surprisingly enough a liking or a fondness for something. And that something I want to talk about in regards to Davy
Sex Ed: Tracey Cox

WARNING: This is NSFW, Not Safe For Work.

Tracey Cox (b. 1961, England) is a non fiction author specializing in books about dating, sex, and relationships. She is a former associate editor of Cosmopolitan (Australia) and a radio show host. As a TV presenter about sex and relationships, she

Merkin: A special something for those special occasions

I'm going to come right out and say it: pubic wig. Yes, you're going to look twice thinking I misspelled "public". You're going to smile because I've made a reference to something sexual but you're not sure what and I can see in your eyes that look of incomprehension. You're being

Be Dazzling With Vajazzling

Va-what? And what does Jennifer Love Hewitt have to do with this? Yeah, yeah, I can hear you saying that I'm sooooo behind the times. After all, the word hit the mainstream at the beginning of 2010 and here I am finally getting around to saying something about it.

First of all, just what is

Sex Ed: Betty Dodson: educator, author, pro-sex feminist

Sex is dirty, unnatural, and should be restricted solely for the purposes of procreation. Sex, whether alone or in partnership, is a wonderful expression of our humanity. Erotica (or porn) is perverted, deviant, and the height of all that is aberrant in the world. Erotica (or porn) is an

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