Are You “Normal” When It Comes To Sex?

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When it comes to sex, am I normal? Though it's a question many of us have asked of ourselves, "normal" isn't the right word in this context, since it implies an attached "should." Let's go with "average" instead.

The above video from WIRED reveals a handful of intriguing American sexual averages, from average number of kissing partners to average age of virginity loss. Women, for example, have an average of 1,836 orgasms over their lives. Men, meanwhile, have some 4,233 — orgasm gap much? The video does note that "How many of those are self-induced varies widely. It then takes a turn for the spicy, stating that there is a 14% chance you'll have a threesome and a 20% chance that BDSM arouses you — or at least a 20% chance that you'll admit that it does. Unsurprisingly, sexual preferences are tricky to capture accurately through surveys.

Watch the full video above for an eye-opening look at the average American's sex life.

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