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CBC Star Jian Ghomeshi Fired Over Sexual Abuse   “Let me be the first to say that my tastes in the bedroom may not be palatable to some folks”

The Hollywood Reporter – Canada’s CBC on Sunday fired popular radio show host Jian Ghomeshi after allegations of sexual abuse by a former lover.

Details of

So I Like To Beat And Strangle Women   But only during rough sex, says self-proclaimed “sex is great” ex CBC-star as he goes down in flames

In one of the more incredible star-flame-outs, CBC’s ex-star Jian Ghomeshi tries to explain away rough sex, why people find it repugnant and why his ex-lovers are just

We Could Have Seen This Coming   When The Guardian’s Wayne Thibodeau said the world would end if journalists blogged

By Stephen Pate – In 2009 Wayne Thibodeau predicted the end of trusted journalism as we know it.  He looked every bit the Doppelganger for Saul.

“This will have dire

How Governments Use Fear   An interesting research article on the Independent Institute's website looks at the role of fear in the government's arsenal of ways that they control the masses.  This is particularly pertinent in this time of the seemingly endless war against terror and the Ebola outbreak despite
Terrorism and Playing the Fear Card   With the recent activity in Canada's Parliament, terrorism is now front page news in Canada.  It is most likely that the Harper government will use this as proof that it needs to act against terrorists now  to prevent further attacks in the future.  As we know from what happened
Why Are Canadian Governments On The Wrong Side of Human Rights?   Over and over Canadian governments at all levels are defending the indefensible

By Stephen Pate – The Federal Government passed the Constitution Act of 1982 with agreement from every Province but Quebec.

Featured image – Donna Jodhan celebrates winning her human

Charlottetown Mayor May Not Want Your Vote   Out-of-date information is posted on City website for November 3, 2014 election

By Stephen Pate – The City of Charlottetown has not updated its Elections Information website page since 2010.

I was checking out when the election was being held- actually November 3, 2014

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