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7 CBC Executives Who Sheltered Jian Ghomeshi   It takes CBC management to foster human rights abuse and sexual harassment on the scale of Jian Ghomeshi

At least 7 CBC Executives hid the human rights abuse of Jian Ghomeshi – Heather Conway, Chuck Thompson, Timothy Neesham, Arif Noorani, Hubert

CBC Culture of Abuse Runs Deeper Than Ghomeshi   CBC Management tacitly endorses sexual harassment while cower in fear of losing their jobs

Brianna Goldberg, Huffington Post - Maybe the saddest thing is that none of this was a surprise. Not to any of us who’ve made it past the security desk at CBC Mother Corp in the past several

End CBC’s $1-billion Government Subsidy   CBC’s endless self-promotion is not about Canada – it’s about Toronto elites and their intellectual bigotry

By Phillip Cross – National Post – With the CBC’s TV ratings down 40% to a specialty channel-like 5% share of viewers even before it lost

CBC Lawyer Forbids Crowdsourcing Legal Advice   Cut it Out Stephen getting legal advice for less than $500 an hour is not allowed says CBC

By Stephen Pate – I was shocked to get the letter below from the CBC’s lawyer Alan Parish. I guess the CBC is worried people will find out what bullies they are.

Is the

Disabled Woman Could Lose Court Settlement to Nova Scotia Government   Legal technicality could take away annuity that keeps Joellan Huntley alive but NS does not care

By Stephen Pate – One of the worst things that happens to people with disabilities is they lose their ability to earn an income and are reduced to poverty.

Photo caption Byron Huntley

A Blueprint for Torture   The revelations that the "enhanced interrogation techniques" used by the Americans during the Bush Administration have taken the world's media by storm.  While the specific details are shocking, they are not surprising when we look back at what happened between 2002 and 2012,
CBC Should Have The Guts To Manage Sexual Harassment   Media stars should be held to a higher standard of professionalism and collegiality and management should have the guts to act

Linden MacIntyre Huffington Post  – The popularity of programs and personalities will be always be loudly hailed as evidence of

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