Tories issue a lame apology to Sheila Fraser

The Conservatives have released a mea culpa to Sheila Fraser, a decidedly lame letter to try and explain away completely misrepresenting her:

Dear Ms. Fraser, 

We are writing to express our sincere and deep regret over an oversight of which we have just been made aware, regarding the 11th Report of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates, tabled in the House on Friday, March 25, 2011, and the supplementary report filed by Conservative members of the committee.

We assure you that it was most definitely not our intention to quote you erroneously or out of context.

The Office of the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons is engaged and will examine any and all avenues to officially correct the record. As Parliament is currently dissolved, obviously the record cannot be changed in the House, but please accept our assurances that this will be done as soon as Parliament recovenes for the 41st Parliament.

We, and our Conservative colleagues, have the utmost respect for you, your work, and your office.

We apologize unreservedly. We hope to find a mutually acceptable solution in short order.


Chris Warkentin, Jacques Gourde, Ed Holder, Paul Calandra, Ron Cannan 

It was definetly not the Conservatives intention to quote the AG erroneously or out of context, YET they offer NO rationale as to how this could possibly have happened. A quote, from seven years ago, relating to another government, on an issue totally unrelated, based on a Committee appearance that NEVER happened? The Conservatives had to apologize, but their thin words are just that, because the don’t explain anything?

The fact the Conservatives present no reasonable answers only raises suspicion as to true intention, weak response adds weight to clear deception. You don’t just stumble upon an unrelated, seven year old quote, we need to know how exactly, the chain of events that lead to this insertion? I’m sorry, but this weasely worded letter isn’t a response, it’s a RED FLAG that there is no explanation that passes any sniff test. This letter isn’t the end of the discussion, it demands everyone of these MP’s be questioned further, you simply can’t act in this manner with impunity. This letter is damage control, the Conservatives clearly hoping an apology someone explains away clear deceit. Rather than putting "intention" to rest, the lack of logical reason, only supports the notion the "intention" was to deceive everyone, misuse a respected person’s words, to create a false picture.

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