Finally a shred of common sense in Charlottetown on Coast Guard

 Charlottetown is about to lose a major marine landmark to satisfy the egos and greed of the Liberal back room boys

Fisheries Minister Gail Shea announced yesterday that the Coast Guard installation will not leave Charlottetown. She said they are going to relocate it so Premier Ghiz can build another convention centre. Since it’s now located at the optimum location for vessels, one can only assume the site is being downgraded.

Any Premier or State governor worth his salt would be fighting tooth and nail to keep a Coast Guard installation in their capital city. Why is Premier Ghiz negotiating to remove the Coast Guard from Charlottetown?
Along with the economic benefit to PEI from the Coast Guard, it is a main feature of Charlottetown Harbour. Replacing it with a convention centre borders on the stupid but we have come to expect that from our provincial government.
Port cities have active wharves with real business going on. Vancouver is an active port with real ships. Halifax without the Navy dockyards and shipping docks would not be the port attraction that it is.

Somehow our premier thinks Charlottetown should be sanitized of real port activity and turned into a home for conventioneers. Build another square box next to the Delta Hotel says Premier Ghiz.

The Mayor of Charlottetown has been waffling back and forth on this like a flag in the breeze. Build another convention centre and get rid of the Coast Guard Mayor Lee has been saying for a year. Now he wants to keep the Coast Guard.  Is he getting smarter or just vacillating?
There is plenty of land closer to the bridge to build a brick box for a convention center that doesn’t require losing the Coast Guard.
Follow the money on this one. Past president of the Liberal Party and big PNP money developer Tim Banks wants to build a hotel downtown next to the “new convention centre”. We don’t need a new hotel and we don’t need a convention center. That won’t stop Ghiz from arranging a $50 million pay-off for his friends with our money. What’s need when greed is in the equation.
Charlottetown is about to lose a major marine landmark to satisfy the egos and greed of the Liberal back room boys.
What will be left are t-shirt and ice cream shops to entertain the tourists between visits from American celebrities telling us how cute our Island is.

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