Long Gun Registry Saved

Despite the best efforts of the Conservative Party, and the uselessness of the NDP, the Liberals, Bloq and the more upstanding members of the NDP saved the long gun registry this evening, 153-151. That’s right, 151 MPs ignored the advice of doctors, nurses, police, RCMP and women’s groups, and pandered to long gun owners who believe they have an unfettered right to own a gun.
Harper has vowed to not let democracy stand in his way and he will continue to fight to quash the long gun registry. His "tough on crime" stance only applies to building unnecessary prisons to hold criminals that don’t exist. No, not criminals that don’t exist because domestic violence isn’t a crime according to Hoeppner, criminals that don’t exist because crime rates have gone down generally.
I am ecstatic that the registry is safe, for now. The most important thing at this stage is to get the Conservatives out of government. Harper has shown how dangerous he is. A brief recap of his other transgressions:
  1. Prorogue Parliament twice to avoid an unsavoury vote
  2. Cancelled the long census against all advice
  3. Spent $1b on security for the G8, which lead to a weekend-long police state in Toronto
  4. Dug Canada into a $54b deficit, even though he was left with a $13b surplus
  5. Cancelled funding to women’s groups who disagreed with him leaving abortion out of global maternal healthcare
  6. Refused to re-patriot Omar Khadr, against the orders of the Supreme Court of Canada – he is on his way to creating a Constitutional crisis
  7. Cancelled funding for the arts because "Canadians don’t care"
  8. Called women a "left-wing fringe group"
I am certain I’ve left things out, so please feel free to add to my list. I’ve lost track of all the things this government has done to destroy democracy.

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