Liberal Party of Canada full of RATS

I think we can all agree, partisanship aside, there is nothing worse than a RAT. The Liberals have been plagued by anonymous sources, "senior" Liberals, and they’ve done harm to the party over the years. Sometimes people should step forward and challenge, I have no qualms with this type of "dissent". However, this column by Jane Taber represents the ultimate betrayal. To actually name individual MP’s who expressed an opinion, inside a closed door meeting, is just pure and utter crap:

Several Liberals, including Toronto MPs Rob Oliphant and Gerard Kennedy, spoke about their displeasure with the way in which the decision was handled, the source said. At least one Quebec MP also spoke out against the process. 

Another MP told The Globe he came to the Liberal Party to “have a voice,” adding that he was “very, very displeased with how this was handled.” Many MPs first heard about the Liberal position in the media. 

“They were furious,” the caucus insider said. “The general consensus … was that Harper has pulled the rug out from underneath Michael and that Michael should have been prepared.” 

The source noted, however, that Mr. Oliphant did say that at the end of the day he supported the leader, but he believes the Liberal position could be a “tough sell” for him in his riding.

You know what’s funny? I agree with everything in the piece, the way the Liberal brass has handled this Afghan file is ridiculous. If I was an MP, I’d be furious too, the lack of consultation simply insulting. I’m proud that Kennedy rose up and questioned this process, good on ya Gerard! However, I shouldn’t know what Kennedy said behind closed doors, during a private meeting, wherein MP’s should have the freedom to speak their minds. That a fellow MP would leave this meeting and run to Jane Taber, well, I’d move heaven and earth to find out who and TURF them from caucus immediately.

We know have a situation where MP’s can’t even debate, without the fear of the RAT outing their concerns by NAME. What a coward, what a cad, what a low life, that doesn’t deserve to be part of any "team", or any party I want to associate with. Again, no matter your affiliation, we should all decry this betrayal. A general comment on a raucus meeting, I have no problem with, but to out these MP’s….wow.



Wow, everyone just running to the press with names. Sheesh.

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