Sage Stallone’s Cousin Says He Was Cut Off From Family

Sage Stallone’s cousin is blaming Sylvester Stallone for his 36 year old son’s death. According to The Daily News, Edd Filiti, 18, commented on Facebook (now removed) about the tragic death and blamed Stallone and his wife Jenniferfor shutting Sage out of Sly’s life. He implied that Sly only cared about his “new” family and forgot about his earlier family. Filiti is the son of Stallone’s half sisterToni Ann, with whom Sly has been on bad terms for awhile. Certainly there is some family animosity here, but there may be more than a grain of truth. We haven’t found a photograph of Sly and Sage together since 1996. Sly even released a picture of him and his son to TMZ and THAT was from 1991, taken by Bruce Weber, and very flattering to Sly, except for the cigar.
Photo via TMZ
UPDATE: Sage’s heartbroken mother Sasha Czack told The Post that Sage had five teeth pulled weeks before his death and was likely taking painkillers. She said she warned him about having all the teeth pulled at once, but he went ahead. It looks like his TEETH were neglected also…

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