Dog Torturer Michael Vick Is Back, Feeling Sorry For Himself

Whatever you do, DON’T BUY Michael Vick’s new biography (we’re not even going to reveal the title.) He’s cashing in on the fact that he spent 19 months in prison for promoting dog fighting, and looking for sympathy. This man has NEVER expressed sorrow or regret for the dogs he destroyed and tortured with such enthusiasm. He shrugs “I was naïve to the consequences.” Translation: “If I had known I could be put in jail I wouldn’t have done it.” And he says the worst part of the whole dog fighting ordeal was his embarrassment when he had to tell his seven year old son he was going to jail. Naturally he does volunteer work for The Humane Society now to try and make us like him again – not because he really cares about animals. Nike may have rehired Vick, but deliberate, sadistic cruelty to animals is a crime we will never forgive or understand.

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