No Kidding – Chris Hemsworth Is Playing Hulk Hogan In Life Story!

Hulk Hogan must be flattered beyond belief that Chris Hemsworth has been cast to play him in an upcoming biographical film for Joker director Todd Phillips. It has to be the WORST casting choice in memory! Can you imagine the Sexiest Man Alive playing loudmouth wrestler Hulk Hogan? Not only will Chris have to bulk up on dangerous anabolic steroids to even APPROACH Hogan’s 300 pound unnatural frame and enlarged jaw, he will have to SHAVE HIS HEAD (except around the edges) and bleach it white to match the awful mustache. What a waste! Why hire one of the best looking men in Hollywood to play this wrestler? There are PLENTY of unattractive actors available! We can only imagine that producers hired Chris in hopes of attracting women to see the film…

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