Arnold Schwarzenegger Is No Longer A Violent Action Hero

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s patriotic video reminded us that he has always been a sensible and moderate Republican. (Yes, they DO exist!) He’s come a long way since the 80’s when he and his rival Sylvester Stallone were the top two Action Kings of Hollywood. Sly was extremely competitive with Arnold and he bulked up his muscles (with various “supplements”) SO much to match Arnold’s physique, that he nearly had a heart attack. In fact, Sly even paid a UK writer to author an unflattering biography of Arnold specifically to out Arnold’s father as a Nazi. He was disappointed that it didn’t wreck Arnold’s career – or his future as Governor. Eventually the two guys buried the hatchet and now they tease each other about their onetime rivalry. They’ve even acted in a few movies together.

YouTube video

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