Conspiracy Theory: Beyonce Is Solange Knowles Mother

We love a conspiracy theory because so much work and research are usually put into them. This internet rumor we found on BuzzFeed, concerns Beyonce and insists that there is a Texas birth certificate out there that proves that Beyonce was born in 1974, NOT 1981, and she is actually 38 or 39 years old. Wait – it gets better. The theory also suggests that Beyonce got pregnant at 12 or 13 and gave birth to Solange – the family covered it up by pretending Solange was born toMatthew and Tina, Beyonce’s parents. This means Beyonce is now a mother of two and a grandmother to 26 year old Solange’s eight year old son. Whether this rumor becomes a Hollywood legend like the untrue Richard Gere/gerbil rumor, remains to be seen.

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