Tom Cruise’s “oblivion” Leaves You Wondering Why You Bothered

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Tom Cruise’s “oblivion” Leaves You Wondering Why You Bothered

Tom Cruise is rapidly becoming the king of comic book movies (or “graphic novels” if you prefer.) His latest effort, the aptly titled “Oblivion,” is typical of the genre- the visuals are outstanding. The modern house he lives in high above earth is spectacular, as are the space age vehicles he races around in. What’s missing is a cohesive story. It’s not easy to translate a comic book that EXPLAINS every image quite clearly, into expository dialog, and these writers failed miserably. Good luck trying to figure out who’s fighting who and why. Character developmentand motivation are cast aside for outer space special effects. The only way to enjoy this movie is to read a synopsis of the plot before you go in – but that kind of spoils the whole experience. Comic book based movies are clearly a waste of time if you’re yearning for a compelling story.

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