Storage Wars’ Dave Hester: That’s What Happens When You Bite The Hand That Feeds You

After three successful seasons, Dave Hester indiscreetly made some accusations that the show he appeared on – Storage Wars – is “fixed,” and the next thing he knew he was fired. Nobody had heard of Hester before he appeared on the hit show as the egotistical bidder on storage lockers who made “Yuuup” a household word. Fame brought business opportunities for Hester and he made even more money doing personal appearances. Maybe he’s as obnoxious in real life as he was on the show, because he lacked gratitude and criticized his own series. This was quickly followed by a lawsuit for wrongful termination. So far he’s had no luck with his lawsuit but he WAS seen on Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. He’s still trying to cash in on his fleeting TV fame – he unloaded sale items (including “Yuuup” t- shirts) from a huge truck with “Yuuup” written on it in the parking lot and posed for photos with fans. Lesson to be learned: Don’t take your good luck for granted.

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