Star Trek’s Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto Cannot Be Destroyed

As far as summer blockbusters go, Star Trek into Darkness is not the worst. The splendor of Imax (definitely see it in Imax) makes it seem important, and the 3D is tolerable and occasionally noteworthy. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana are all appealing actors and add a bit of humor, while Benedict Cumberbatch and his booming voice provide the villainy. Of course if you enjoyed the thought provoking stories that Gene Roddenberry created for the TV series, you won’t get any of that, but the special effects are impressive. We don’t understand how fans could feel any kind of suspense watching prequal movies like this because they know the characters are not in any danger of being seriously hurt. All in all, the movie was less painful than Tom Cruise’s Oblivion.

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