Did Seth Meyers’ Triumph Bruise Howard Stern’s Ego?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

We couldn’t help but wonder why Seth Meyers was selected to take over Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show instead of Howard Stern. In March, Howard was described in the New York Post as “being prepped’ to take over Jimmy’s vacated spot. Other media sources agreed that the “king of all media” was a top contender and it seemed highly probable – until you take a closer look. While Howard is a great interviewer, he’s not accustomed to doing monologues or preparing scriptedcomedy skits. Seth has been head writer on SNL for years and does the Weekend Update segment. Maybe Howard asked for too much money – he’s accustomed to gigantic paydays, or maybe Howard doesn’t want a five day a week high pressure job. Whatever, we think Stern will turn up with a late night talk show someday, somewhere…

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