Tom Cruise Uses His Bulldog Lawyer To Threaten Journalists

Something GOOD has already come out of the 50 million dollar lawsuit Tom Cruise filed against Bauer Publishing (In Touch and Life & Style mags.) Evidence has been uncovered of Cruise’s treacherous lawyer Bert Fields and his shocking intimidation tactics aimed at the press. Emails and letters from Tom’s lawyer to various journalists and writers reveal a high level of desperation. Fields compared a Hollywood Reporter journalist to a “Nazi” for writing about Tom and his “religion.” The aggressive lawyer bullied and threatened another writer with a lawsuit if he wasn’t allowed to read a Scientology story before it was published and make “corrections.” Scientology lawyers used their deceptive and intimidating tactics on THIS writer also. They bully everyone they cannot control by threatening dreaded lawsuits. Hopefully, this case will reveal more about Scientology’s sleazy tactics.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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