American Hustle Deserves An Oscar For Hairstyling

One of the things we liked best about American Hustle was the HAIR. In particular, the men’s 1970’s hair. Christian Bale’s character’s comb-over was an instant classic and gave the movie its hilarious opening scene. Jeremy Renner’spompadour was perfect for his smarmy mayor character. And who can forgetBradley Cooper’s headful of perm curlers? The women’s hair was also great, but in this case men’s hair dominated the movie and made it funnier. Kathrine Gordon was the head hair stylist responsible for the magnificent coiffures and of course, she SHOULD get an Oscar for it but probably won’t. Why? Because the sometimes backward Academy gives ONE award for ”Best Makeup and Hairstyling.” Imagine combining the two very separate skills! Consequently the award usually goes to someone who does prosthetic makeup for a fantasy movie. It’s a shame that hair people aren’t appreciated like they should be.

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