Barbra Streisand And Elvis Presley Before They Became Legends

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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From the 40’s thru the 70’s, Nat Dallinger was the most important celebrity photographer in Hollywood. Studios loved him and actors palled around with him. Nat’s legacy is 58,000 photos, many unseen, that were recently donated by his estate to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. These are two of our favorites just published in The Hollywood Reporter.

In 1963 Barbra Streisand and Natalie Wood were photographed at The Coconut Grove. Natalie, 25, was already a huge star, and 21 year oldBarbra was just starting out. She already had those nails…
Elvis Presley was promoting his movie G.I. Blues in 1960 and his costar was Juliet Prowse. Can you tell by her look that she had a huge crush on him?
Click HERE for more of Nat’s fabulous photos

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  1. Hi Janet. Elvis Presley became a legend many times over, which continues to this day,. First when he fused, in July of 1954, the two most important musical comment_content_IDioms in America, namely R&B and C&W, ( no other two styles were that important, then) and created a third, called rockabilly. Then, he again became a legend when he was seen by 62 million on his fist appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, on 9 September 1956 . And then, he dcomment_ID it for the third time when he became the most celebrated regular GI in US Army history, and that was in 1958. All these three occurrances happened earlier to the time when the photo was taken, which was in 1960. Then, in 1968 he had the biggest comeback in the history of music, and of television. Five years later, in 1973, he was seen by an audience of 1 billion in the first global show to be telecast and headllned by a single performer. . When he died, the legend became again bigger, as 100,000 went to his funeral. Then, in 1992, his postage stamp became, and remains to this day, the largest selling commemorative stamp in US Postal history. Finally, since 1982, please note that his home has been toured by close to 20 million, all paying customers from throughout the world. In short, to be accurate. and refer to “Elvis before he became a legend” , one must find a photo of him prior to 1954, of which there are hundreds.

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