We had high hopes that Tina Fey had FINALLY find a movie script to match her own humor and intelligence, but it hasn’t happened yet.Whiskey Tango Foxtrot SOUNDED like a great idea – it’s about a New York female journalist who gets herself reassigned to Afghanistan, resulting in culture shock. A true “fish out of water” movie. It SOUNDED LIKE it might be an updated sophisticated version of Goldie Hawn’s hit“Private Benjamin. No such luck. It’s impossible for women to identify with Fey’s character because she walks and talks like a hard-boiled MAN. It immediately became apparent that the writer is a MAN who is more interested in explosions and stunts than the reaction of his female character to her bizarre surroundings. Private Benjamin had a female writer and this would have been a far better and more realistic movie with a female writer. It’s about time Hollywood woke up and hired women to write about women.
Photo: Paramount

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