PC Leader Brown Attacks Liberals on Climate Change at Party Convention

Ontario Progressive Conservative, Patrick Brown, attacked the Liberal’s leader Wynne on Saturday night as he talked about being a pragmatic Conservative who believes in climate change. He stressed on the importance of issues like putting a price on carbon.

In his remarks, Mr. Brown called Kathleen Wynne’s cap-and-trade plan a “cash grab that is simply another slush fund.” He claimed that his party has to do something about climate change, which he described as “man-made” and a “threat.” He elucidated that “that ‘something’ includes putting a price on carbon,” adding that “but it cannot be a cash grab. And it must be revenue neutral with corresponding tax cuts for individuals and businesses.” However, Brown pointed out that it must be “subject to independent oversight.” Quite noticeably, Mr. Brown has often been criticized by his opponents for being weak on policy so his comments on Saturday came out as his most comprehensive stance so far.

Addressing over 1,700 delegates at the PC Party convention in Ottawa in his first convention as leader, Brown tried to put his stamp on the party and rebrand it as modern. Responding to a query by the reporters, Mr. Brown said that he took a strong stance on climate change because “I wanted to speak from my heart tonight and talk about the challenges the Progressive Conservatives need to address.” He revealed that there is “significant support within our membership and certainly in our caucus for taking that direction.”

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