Why does Mariah Carey go out of her way to make herself unlikeable? She seems to thoroughly ENJOY being called a DIVA – a highly unflattering term for self-indulgent women. Mariah needs four men to hold her up when she’s wearing her seven inch heels (they are just out of photo range, above.) It makes her feel special. Mariah went TOO FAR when she acted like she didn’t KNOW Jennifer Lopez on Andy Cohen’sWatch What Happens Live. (She arrived LATE for the LIVE show.) BOTH performers were at the NBC Universal event at Radio City Music Hall (above) on Monday! The two singers have things in common – both from New York, they’re the same age, and both have twins. Couldn’t Mariah muster up SOMETHING pleasant to say about Jennifer? Does Mariah have a superiority complex because she has more money? She’s certainly lacking in manners. Jennifer works CONSTANTLY and does not keep people waiting. Maybe Mariah is jealous of Jennifer’s successful TV series – she always wanted to act also. Most likely, Mariah is quite envious of Jennifer for many reasons or she wouldn’t pretend not to KNOW her. We are TEAM J.LO all the way!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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