A star was born at the VMA’s and she didn’t have to sing a note! One of the high points of the show was Kanye West’s Fade video starring singer/dancer Teyana Taylor. Kanye and his music couldn’t hold a candle to to the mesmerizing performance of 26 year old Teyana and her amazing physique. Yesterday she confessed that she DOESN’T GO TO THE GYM or WATCH HER DIET. She just dances. But most importantof all, she was BORN THAT WAY. DNA! The bad news is that personal trainers everywhere must be fainting – their clients gulp supplements and sweat every day, dreaming of achieving such a body, but it’s never going to happen. Gym workouts and dancing can IMPROVE what you already have, but in reality cannot change your proportions. You might as well have fun dancing and forget those boring machines and repetitions!

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