Sexual Offence Complaints Increase in Canadian Forces

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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sexual offence complaints increase in canadian forcesA Progress Report Addressing Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour in The Canadian Armed Forces has unveiled a heightening number of complaints investigation for sexual offences this year in the aftermath of a scathing report over widespread misconduct and harassment in the military last year. According to the annual report published by Canadian Forces in 2015, 174 “founded” complaints where identified for sexual offences. Whereas, six months past this year there have been over 106 founded complaints, i.e. an increase of 22 per cent on an annualized basis.

According to the report, “the increase appears to be a positive indicator that military members are more aware of the problem and more confident in stepping forward and reporting incidents.” The details in the report showed that there have been a total of 148 reports investigated for “incidents of harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviours.” The report shared that out of 51 completed investigations, 10 were deemed unfounded, while the other cases included some where charges were also laid against the accused.

Chief of the Defence Staff, General Jonathan Vance, mentioned in a comment that “I am encouraged by the early indications of progress we have made toward eliminating inappropriate sexual behavior from the Canadian Armed Forces. On the critical area of victim support, there have been much improvement, and I applaud those who have had the courage to come forward and report their experience. But incidents are still occurring, and this remains unacceptable.”

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