SRK adds Lady Gaga to her growing International friends list

Lady Gaga's Glasses which she gifted to SRK

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Lady Gaga's Glasses which she gifted to SRKThough his film Ra.One is receiving mixed response from the critics, there can be no two opinions about the fact that when it comes to charming and wooing people, there is no one better than Shah Rukh Khan. It looks like after Akon, Lady Gaga is the latest addition to SRK’s growing international friend circle.

At the red carpet of the F1 after-party, when Shahrukh Khan was asked about his interaction with Lady Gaga, he replied: “The interaction was very nice. Lady Gaga was very sweet. I sat with her for a couple of hours and exchanged a lot of good things about life. She is very deep, very sweet.” 

Shahrukh even wrote on twitter: “Awesomely hot time at F1 & the noise. a warm heart to heart with lady gaga & her voice. Now to the main happiness…my lil kids & their arms” 

“My daughter is a big fan of Lady Gaga. She listens to her music and introduced me to her music, and I am also a fan of her now,” SRK said following the F1 after-party. 

Interestingly, the image of the glasses which you see along with this story, are Lady Gaga’s glasses which she has gifted to Shahrukh Khan for his daughter! SRK wrote: “Lady Gaga is all heart & soul. gave me her glasses for my daughter. yippeee..Brownie points unlimited” 

Seems like Lady Gaga, too, is going all gaga over SRK!

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