PM instructed Governors to drag out ragging from grass root level

Indian PM Manmohan Singh

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Indian PM Manmohan SinghPrime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh on Sunday has called for "zero tolerance" towards the "menace" of ragging and instructed Governors to ensure that the practice is rooted out once and for all. "The practice of subjecting shows potential young men and women to physical, psychological and emotional abuse cannot be tolerated in any civilized society. We must cooperatively do everything that is required to end this nuisance," the Prime Minister has said speaking on the concluding day of the Governors’ Conference.

As Chancellors of the university system, Governors have a special responsibility to ensure that this threat is wiped out for good, Singh said. "It needs to be made unequivocally clear to authorities of educational institutions, other enforcement agencies, and the student community, that there is zero tolerance to ragging of any kind."

Ragging was one of the items on the schedule for this conference. Underlining the Supreme Court’s clear directions issued in May 2009 for limitation incidents of ragging, Singh said his government had taken several steps to check the practice.

In response to the Governors of Meghalaya and some other northeastern states pointing out that students from the region face prejudice when they come to study in Delhi, he said, "This has to be seen in the general context of complaints of discriminatory treatment to our citizens from North Eastern states when they choose to live in other parts of the country."

He assured that the UPA government stands dedicated to the physical and emotional integration of our northeastern states into the mainstream of development. "I would request the Home Minister to look into these issues again and do whatever more is requisite to address them," Singh said.

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