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Shrishti Arya
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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Shrishti AryaOn meeting Shrishti Arya, this is what you’ll notice – She is fast, actually too fast. She is busy with someone else in her cabin, but won’t make you wait in the reception area. She’ll not take more than ten minutes to call you inside her cabin. Then she’ll order some black coffee for you but before the coffee arrives, she’ll have some time to burn that nicotine. Then she talks about the recent movies with you and a bit of trade and gossip. Then a quick sip of her coffee and this, “Let’s not waste time. What are we talking?” You love her right away. I love Shrishti Arya. That’s what Producers should be doing. Not wasting time and no bullsh****g. Then she adds, “You know what the most important task of a producer is? It’s to budget the movie properly and give the entire creative freedom to their director”. Movies and Money talks done. Now for some humour. Here’s what she has to say when I asked her about her brother and producer Goldie Behl, “I always say that in-between Goldie and I is a perfect human being. Goldie is everything I am not but we share one thing in common and that is our passion for movies”. Yes, you’d be shocked but a producer who is humorous is the best one to do business with. Why? Because you’ll surely be laughing on your way to the bank. Meet the rose of Rose Movies, Shrishti Arya, in this Rose Day special on London Paris New York.

“Ali has kept the music simple and melodious and yet so diverse that even a child can sing it”
There is individuality in Ali’s music. Every music composer or a singer or a lyricist has their own uniqueness. Ali’s creation has a strong melody and simplicity which really works for our movies. There are modern kinds of arrangements we’ve used. Even a child can sing if he hears any of the tracks. Ali has kept it so simple and yet so diverse. That’s what music for London Paris New York will do to you if you once you listen. You’ll remember it for a long time. I couldn’t have asked for better. I’m absolutely thrilled to have Ali Zafar on board for London Paris New York. I believe that we share a great camaraderie and that’s what works in making a good movie.

“No movie works because of an item song”
Chikni Chameli‘ fell into the grain of Agneepath. Our movie doesn’t lend itself to an item song. No movie works because of an item song but yes, I truly believe it’s the positioning of the song that boosts its chances of success. London Paris New York doesn’t have the slightest of space for an item song.

“When somebody trusts you so blindly, you have no choice but to go all out and look after them”
I love Aditi Rao Hydari and Ali Zafar. They are lovely kids. Now that makes me sound like a mother, isn’t it? (Laughs). When somebody trusts you so blindly, you have no choice but to go all out and look after them. They weren’t asking for anything so I thought to pamper them with some kind of surprises. They are too sweet. It’s the chemistry again as I’ve said earlier that works for me. You can’t pretend to look after someone or trust someone. There is a genuine trust involved with my actors.

“Our aim isn’t to ghost direct but give the creative freedom to my director. Anu Menon has seen through her vision today”

As a producer, I need to know what the director has in mind and make sure the director sees through their own vision. Every director has an idea and a vision but an interaction with a producer helps always to expand their idea and make it better. Anu Menon and I have sat through this and today we are proud that we’ve given birth to London Paris New York that the world will see in a few days. I don’t think any movie is made wrong. It’s the process that goes wrong and we are here to look after just that. It all boils down to the selection of the subject material, the selection of the manner in which the story is told and the people and aesthetics that works out together. My aim isn’t to ghost direct but give the creative freedom to my director.

London Paris New York isn’t about redefining genres. It’s a story well told”
Honestly, we aren’t here to prove a point. We are here to tell stories that we believe in and not make it so creatively different that people are put off by it. It’s not about redefining genres and it’s not about showing people what different we can do. It’s a story that Anu Menon and I wanted to tell. Then others came on board and creatively got involved in the story and the movie as a whole. We never started out to make a ‘never before seen’ genre.

“I’ve always said that in between Goldie and I, are perfect human beings. He is everything I am not”
How influenced is my brother and producer Goldie Behl with me? (Laughs). I think it should’ve been the other way around. Goldie and I are very different people. I always say that in-between Goldie and I am a perfect human being. He has a great sense of story and a fantastic sense of music. He is everything I am not. The only thing in common is that we are extremely passionate in what we do and our passion for movies.

London Paris New York made us laugh and yet surprised us with what was coming next”
London Paris New York really connected so well when Anu Menon narrated us her take on the movie. It surprised us as the way the story unfolded, it also made us laugh. We never knew what the next scene was going to be. That’s why we were excited to work on Anu’s idea. Love stories are done to death. But Anu told us that in every love story there is a crisis and in every crisis there is a resolution. But what the crisis was new and how it resolves was new. It was something that surprised and challenged me to make this movie.

London Paris New York is Aditi’s best work you’ll see to date”

Aditi is a darling, though this will be her fully fledged role in a commercial movie where she plays a solo lead. But honestly, she is a very giving actor. An individual with lot of respect for her work and talent unbound. Aditi is gorgeous and she has been very fortunate in whatever critical acclaim she has received for whatever different small parts she has done in movies. She has a great voice and she has sung a song in London Paris New York too.

London Paris New York isn’t a larger than life; it is a slice of life”
Ali is fantastic. He is an incredibly talented actor and has a hundred percent track record in movies (laughs). There is Ali and Aditi and both bring the freshness so you can believe the characters they portray. London Paris New York isn’t a larger than life; it is a slice of life. There is a certain amount of dignity that they bring. Both have been really lucky for us. Back then, even Jawaani Deewani cast was lucky for us because both Randhir ji and Jaya ji were relatively a fresh cast for a movie of that genre.

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