Bipasha challenged by Helen in Jodi Breakers

Bipasha Basu

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Bipasha BasuBipasha may have been exhilarated about the fact that the makers of her upcoming film Jodi Breakers decided to create an item number exclusively for her. Well, her happiness around ‘exclusivity’ may just be short lived as she would now have competition from someone who has made a career out of being an ‘item queen’. The name is Helen and she would now be seen performing to a specially designed musical piece for the film.

“This was pretty much an impromptu decision taken by director Ashwini Chaudhary”, informs our source, “Though in the film Helenji is playing a dance teacher for senior citizens, there was no song-n-dance routine that was planned for her. Yes, she may have jived to a step or two and showed some moves but that’s about it; there was never going to be a full blow track. However, later Ashwini felt that to add further meat to her character and also provide today’s audience who haven’t seen her past work something to admire, a situation had to created.”

Soon the composers were asked to come up with a special musical track that was worthy enough to go with Helen’s image and also had the kind of beats that allowed the dancing lady to showcase her gracious moves.

“The easy way out could have been to pick up dozens of her yesteryear chartbuster hits and make an extended piece out of that. However a joint call was taken to create something exclusive”, the source continues, “So a brand new musical piece has been created which would now also act as Helenji’s introduction. Though there are no lyrics in it, the tune has a very RD Burman-ish feel to it. It is going to be the highlight of the film.”

While one wonders how is Bipasha feeling about the competition that has just crept in, those close to the actress state that she is more flattered than challenged to find company of the biggest item queen that Bollywood has ever seen. Says Ashwini, “With both Helenji and Bipasha in my film, I couldn’t resist the temptation of seeing them in a song apiece. While ‘Bipasha‘ had already been written for my leading lady, the other musical piece is my homage to Helenji.”

One wonders if the song would have boasted of words, would it have been called ‘Helen’!

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