Hrithik Roshan reveals how he keeps growing and evolving in his life

Recently, Hrithik Roshan visited the city of Udaipur for an event. Amidst much fanfare, the actor was asked about who he reveres as his role model in life and his answer gives away the most significant perspective which we all must take note of. His answer tells us all about how we see growth and evolution synonymous with Hrithik in a two-decade-long career.

Hrithik Roshan reveals how he keeps growing and evolving in his life

“My role model is myself 20 years from now. I try and imagine the kind of person I want to be, the kind of values I want to have, the kind of character I want to build as a human being, the things I want to achieve in life. So to be able to achieve those things, what kind of a person do I need to be right now, that becomes my process”, shares Hrithik giving us the vision to be able to see one’s evolution with years and aim at achieving it.

His answer would make one wonder- why? Why is it so significant and why we need to take note of it? What he said really stands true to how we have seen Hrithik make sure that he imbibes change, constantly improve and bring the best to the audience. His words highlight the narrative of how only you, yourself can help in personal growth and achieve in life.

Ever since his debut up till now, Hrithik has not proved this once but also, his thoughts are testimony to how Hrithik has established himself as the superstar who is constantly striving to achieve the goals he set for himself, success and rightly so, we see him keep up with the times when it comes to all the millennial concepts of pop culture and what not!

From bringing new characters to life on screen to holding strong to the podium as everyone’s inspiration, the actor has the most essential take on who his role model is! Hrithik Roshan definitely has the most significant answer to the same question which keeps him growing and evolving in life.

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