When Priyanka Chopra’s father asked her to not wear tight clothes and put bars on her window

Priyanka Chopra has always been vocal about her love for her late father and how close she was to him. The actress also has a tattoo which reads "Daddy's Lil Girl".

When Priyanka Chopra's father asked her to not wear tight clothes and put bars on her window

In an interview with a magazine, Priyanka spoke about the time when her father asked her to refrain from wearing tight clothes. Priyanka recalled that at the age of 16 when she came back from the US, her father was shocked to see her come back as a 16-year-old "almost woman". Priyanka had left for the US at the age of 12 as a flat-chested, curly-haired kid. The actress said that her father was so shocked to see her that he did not know what to do with his daughter for the first couple of weeks.

The Mary Kom actress further revealed that boys had started following her from school, which led to her previously progressive father to put bars on her window and banning her from wearing tight clothes.

Priyanka also spoke about why she wanted to go to the US for schooling. The actress said that she was fascinated by the high schools in America where they had no lockers and no uniforms. The girls there would wear make-up and shave their legs and get their eyebrows done in 8th grade.

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