Aditya Roy Kapur spills the beans on what someone would find on his phone if it was to be hacked

Actor Aditya Roy Kapur, who was last seen in Mohit Suri’s Malang, had a sit-down conversation with Bollywood Hungama on technology!

EXCLUSIVE: Aditya Roy Kapur spills the beans on what someone would find on his phone if it was to be hacked

Your memory of a first phone? You bought it or was it gifted by someone?

My parents gave me a phone after I passed out of my 10th standard – old Nokia 3310.

Have you ever broken your phone?

Many times.

How many phones have changed so far and in how many years?

I have probably changed 15 phones.

Which phone are you using now?


If someone were to hack your phone, what would they find?

They will find lots of pictures and videos. Normal stuff.

What are the most used apps on your mobile?


What is your most-used emoji?

The smiley face with red cheeks.

Who are the contacts on your speed dial?

Family and five of my friends.

Are you a smartphone addict?

I think we are all phone addicts. I think it’s a problem.

If we were to take your phone away for a day, would you be able to survive?

100 percent.

If there is one person whom you can call at 3 am, who would that person be?

My friend, Bali.

Who is the most called contact on your mobile?

Ram Babu.

The game you play the most on your mobile?

On my phone, I don’t play games.

Have you been on Tinder either as yourself or anonymously?

No, I should be but can’t be.

What are your thoughts on dating apps?

I am sure they are cool but I can’t be on them.

How many photos do you take before you post the final selfie?

I don’t post selfies but I get anxiety when I do, thinking whether it is good or not and start posting it without giving much thought.

Which sites do you browse regularly on your mobile?


Are you hooked to Instagram?

I think so. In the last month, it’s been ridiculous.

Do you post on your social media handles or your team does on your behalf?

I do it.

What's your preference: iOS or Android?


If you get a chance to buy a new phone, what would it be?

The old Nokia 3310.

How does technology affect your daily life?

Technology affects all our lives that we keep we keep forgetting about. The way we are so privileged that to heat up our coffee in 30 seconds, order food on your app or use a torch on your phone. I think technology is changing our lives in a way that we can’t even keep a track of.

Which 3 songs are now on your playlist on the mobile?

Humraah, Malang and Chal Ghar Chalen

Whom did you last sent an SMS to?

My manager.

What did you last Google for?

Meaning of some word.

How many alarms do you have on your mobile?

When I have to get up, I set up 15 alarms every 5 minutes so I have to wake up.

The weirdest telemarketing call or message you received

Recently? No.

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