“Anurag Kashyap did not trick me into doing the nude scene” – says Jatin Sarna enraged by the distorted reports doing the rounds

Jatin Sarna, who considers Anurag Kashyap his mentor, guru guide and parent, is appalled at the narrative that has grown around his infamous nude sequence in Sacred Games.

“Anurag Kashyap did not trick me into doing the nude scene” – says Jatin Sarna enraged by the distorted reports doing the (2)

Says Jatin, “I don’t know how this happened. But, it’s being made out to seem like Anurag Sir tricked me into going nude. Aisa kuch bhi nahin hua hai. I knew full well what I getting into. Koi doodh peeta bachcha nahin hoon. I knew I had to be naked for the scene with just skin-coloured underwear to cover my modesty. Anurag Sir was in fact there to guide me, as he has always been. So I’d request sections of the media to please stop using this incident to add to his current problems.”

Jatin says what he said on stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhat’s talk show is being distorted, “In fact, I had explained myself fully to Tanmay. But, he edited my quotes to suit his own purposes. I made it very clear that I was fully aware that I’d appear nude on screen. There was no deception, no trickery by Anurag Sir or anyone at the production house Phantom Films.”

Explaining at length what happened during the shooting of the nude sequence, Jatin says, “I had this make-out scene in the evening. I was told about it by the AD when I reached the set. I asked Anurag Sir if it can be avoided.  He said it was important. I was slightly nervous. Anurag Sir put me at ease. And that’s exactly how it happened. Later, they showed me the scene and I was stunned when I saw a penis had been morphed to my body. They explained that since my legs were parted they had to show it. And that’s that. There was never any, ‘Kyun kiya, kaise kiya.’ I was under contract and had to do it. And I did. I knew I was doing a 18+ series, not a Disney production. The love-making scene was  shot  on a closed  set .There was  a  lady accompanying the  actress with me. It was all done professionally. No trickery, no shock. Just actors pretending to be having sex.”

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