“My new home cost me Rs. 10.5 crores, the media got the cost way too low” says Aditya Narayan from his home-honeymoon

There were reports in a section of the media that singer-compere Aditya Naryan’s new 5 BHK home in Mumbai that he will share with his bride Shweta is estimated to cost around Rs 4 crores. Aditya laughs off that figure. “Ha ha. So little? Market price kam likh di. It actually cost me Rs. 10.5 crores. Sir, I’ve been working since I was a child.”

"My new home cost me Rs. 10.5 crores, the media got the cost way too low" says Aditya Narayan from his home-honeymoon

Yes, I remember little Aditya as Salman Khan’s son in Jab Pyar Kissise Hota Hai. And my friend Sanjay Leela Bhansali wanted to remake Balika Badhu with Aditya and Alia Bhatt when they were both kids.

Aditya replies, “Yes! You remember that. Besides, television pays a lot.”

Aditya’s honeymoons begin later in the month. “They will begin mid-December. Right now we are on our home-honeymoon. We are setting up the place for a couple. Bachelor pad being converted to a proper home until our new home is ready.”

About his wife pursuing her career after marriage Aditya laughs, “My wife is a very lazy and unambitious person. It is almost aspirational how she can spend the whole day without doing anything. On the other hand, she’s an extremely intelligent person. Whatever she chooses to do she does really well.”

Aditya says Shweta will decide where she goes after marriage. “She’s free to do whatever she likes, if she likes. I don’t know if she wants to pursue a career. I think we’ve been together long enough to not want to be together 365 days and 24×7. Not that I don’t want her all day throughout the year. I do! Time, togetherness and familiarity have not dimmed my feelings for her and vice versa.”

Aditya says a lot depends on where we go with the Covid. “Anyway now for the next one year or so it’ll be work from home. That’s absolutely okay. When it comes to our attitude to work, we define what Amitji said in Bunty Aur Babli : ‘There are two kinds of people. Those who do the same work all their lives and those who use one lifetime to do everything they can.’ I am the former, my wife is the latter. I am constant. But she has done everything. She was a chemical engineer, then an actress. Now she is a fashion designer. She does all my suits and makes clothes for others as well, primarily men. I know she wants to do organic farming. That’s something even I want to try.”

Aditya’s wife Shweta pipes in, “Yes, let’s do that next.”

Aditya replies, “Pappi (his nickname for his wife), do what you like.”

Aditya informs they both like to cook and eat. And she is not talkative. “She is so soft-spoken that you have strain your ears to hear her. On the other hand when I’m in the room, you cannot not hear me when I talk. So it’s Shanti meets Shor Sharaaba.”

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