BTS’ V drops original track ‘Snow Flower’ featuring Peakboy & it will provide you comfort and happiness this festive season 

Leave it to global popstars BTS to make this festive season 100 times better! After releasing the recording-breaking song 'Dynamite', followed by multiple No. 1 hits on Billboard Hot 100, chart-topping albums, Grammy nomination along with a brand new album 'BE', the members of BTS continue to release new music. Earlier in the day, member Jimin released his original music 'Christmas Love', which was produced by him, RM, and Slow Rabbit. This Christmas, member V is spreading festive cheer and warmth with his original track 'Snow Flower' that features his friend and artist Peakboy.

BTS' V drops original track 'Snow Flower' featuring Peakboy & it will provide you comfort and happiness this festive season 

While protecting the purple flower in the artwork, V expresses a message of warmth and comfort in these trying times. There is a mention of 'white angels' in the song which can mean people who stepped up to help others amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It could also refer to the frontliners, doctors, medical staff, and everyone else who deserve the praise for the great work they've done throughout this year. "When the world is dyed beautifully white / I’ll suffuse those faded colours / There are many white angels here and there this year so / take a deep breath and have a look at those flowers that resemble you," these lines perfectly express the gratitude and love.

Snow Flower????❄

— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) December 24, 2020

This is the first time V has collaborated with another artist on his original track. Peakboy is a singer-songwriter, rapper and has been friends with V for a long time. The song has been produced by both artists.

In a special message, V talked about why he chose to release this song during Christmas. "I believe that there would be a personal uneasiness and gloominess that would befall many of us as the end of year approaches due to the feeling of stopped time. I hurriedly made this in an apologetic heart to ARMY, as I continued to fall behind on my mixtape," he wrote in his message.

"I believe that this year would feel like one of stopped time, and as the end of year approaches, there would be uneasiness and gloominess that would befall many of us.* It would be good if, at least on this day, white flowers would fall into your hearts so you could feel a warm consolation and joy. I really want to thank the many white angels of this year hehe Thank you. And my Wooga friend Peakboy featured in this. Happy holiday!" he concluded (via doyoubangtan).

#SnowFlower by V of @BTS_twt

V's message can be found on my blog along with the lyric translation

— wisha ???? (@doyou_bangtan) December 24, 2020

V has a special way of sending out his messages through his sentimental lyrics. With every song like 'Scenery', 'Winter Bear', 'Sweet Night' and 'Blue & Grey' among others, he's been like an open book expressing how he's feeling during that moment. For an artist, to be vulnerable on a record is the most difficult thing. At a time where life has come to a standstill and restlessness has kicked in, admitting to feeling anxious just like everyone around the world is what makes him a true artist. Instead of hiding those feelings, the message is beautifully captured in the lyrics that it is okay to feel these emotions but it is also important to move ahead in order to feel the warmth and happiness around you – to accept the blue and grey emotions in your life and power through it. 'Snow Flower' is the epitome of best CHRISTMAS GIFT ever!

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