Ranbir challenges Top-6 gets holiday release with Besharam

Bring your film on a holiday, flood the market with thousands of prints, hype it up like an event and crush any competition whatsoever – That's the mantra that Bollywood has followed for last half a decade at least, what with first Diwali, then Christmas followed by Eid turning out to be much coveted spots. While Khans along with other three superstars, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Hrithik Roshan have almost patented their arrival on festive occasions, announcement of Ranbir's Besharam for Gandhi Jayanti has ended up making a definite statement.

"With one quick stroke, Ranbir has announced his arrival in the big league. He is now very close to the Top-6 and it is a matter of time that he makes an entry there. The confidence shown by industry to allow him a much cherished release spot is a clear indication of that", says a source.

While October 2 is an all-India holiday and gives Ranbir a great opportunity to make his mark on the very first day of his film' release, what makes it all further special is the fact that this date falls on a Wednesday, hence giving Ranbir and his Besharam the luxury of a 9 day weekend.

"Well, he has earned it", says a close associate, "If an offbeat film of his like Barfi! can release on a regular day and still do a business of over 100 crores, it is just right that an out and out commercial film of his like Besharam gets its due standing. Also, let's not forget that this would also be Abhinav Kasyap's second film almost three years after Dabangg. It has to be special."

We do hope that turns out to be the case.

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