Gurmeet Choudhary gears up to take care of the future health care system of the nation by launching The Grand Hospital Project

In the past few months, Gurmeet Choudhary has been hailed as a hero, a savior, an inspiration and many other such laurels. However, what he really is, is a human being trying to do good for all Indian citizens, in order to fight the mammoth COVID 19 second outbreak that the country is faced with and at the same time gearing up for the future health care system.

Gurmeet Choudhary gears up to take care of the future health care system of the nation by launching The Grand Hospital Project

From arranging ICU beds with Ventilators, to getting Oxygen aid for those in critical conditions to procuring Remedesvir and saving lives, including that of a pregnant lady amongst many others, Gurmeet and his team have worked effortlessly, tirelessly and relentlessly over the last few weeks.

Talking about his efforts to take care of the health care system of the nation, Gurmeet has launched the #TheGrandHospitalProject which will have primary centers and small hospitals across various districts. The state of the art hospitals will be well equipped with the latest Al technology for disease detection and treatment, all under the guidance of super specialists from the main hospitals. The noble initiative takes shape with the premier hospital in Lucknow and Patna, followed by all other states as well.

This is how #TheGrandHospitalProject willhave primary centers&small hospitals across various districts.Well equipped with latest AI technology for disease detection&treatment,all under guidance of super specialist from d main hospitals.Same will be replicated in other states too

— GURMEET CHOUDHARY (@gurruchoudhary) May 7, 2021

Speaking on this huge feat and endeavor, Gurmeet says , "The Grand Hospital project is my dream project which I have visioned and I am working towards it each day. Ever since we got hit by COVID, I realised that our health care system needs to become stronger, so the idea is to make India ready for the future. Today COVID has hit, tomorrow there will be many more dreadful diseases which will require us to fight against them. We are starting from Lucknow and Patna as main centers of this project as they are the epicenter of the nation and they connect to all the other states. Once those are formed we will replicate the same in other states too. All the hospitals will be equipped with AI technology and will be under the guidance of specialists."

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