Woosung plays with medley of emotions depicting young love in Genre – Album Review

South Korean singer Woosung has finally made a comeback after two years! He had released his debut mini-album Wolf in 2019, which earned his fans a cute moniker as ‘the wolf pack’. After his band The Rose departed from its company, the singer has been actively pursuing his solo career. In his VLive, Woosung had mentioned that Genre will be only a digital album, since he wishes to release a physical album with his band, The Rose.

Woosung plays with medley of emotions depicting young love in Genre -  Album Review

Woosung went to his Korean-American roots and incorporated both the languages in the songwriting. The album title does justice to its meaning as each track is a different genre. For the B-side tracks, he has collaborated with KARD’s BM, Ashley Choi and Reddy for this album. Genre also features two of his previous releases, namely Lazy (ft. Reddy) and Dimples. Woosung’s first full-length album Genre was released on 9th December 2021. Let’s indulge into all the genres from Woosung’s new album.


Woosung sings the verse with a lazy ease. The semi-trap beats in the song are consistent in the song, and it makes the listener ease into the groove quickly. The progression to a synth-based music at the main verse lends an out-of-the world feel to the song.

Last (ft. REDDY)

The song is classic Woosung, with cozy imagery and laid-back vibes. The lyrics express the motions one went through in a lockdown, and Woosung expresses those without making it sound sad. He adds a fun and cute touch to it with the lyrics and music. Reddy’s rap verse comes as slight deviation from Woosung’s vocals. The hazy synth music echoes the idea of ‘Lazy’.


'Dimples' is funky track about getting seduced by someone’s dimples. The song features retro electro music that transports the listener to the 80s and 90s. The music is rather cathartic with a progression that leads to an explosive chorus.


For an album that captures different genres of emotions, 'OH' makes a perfect start for the B-side section. The track is sung majorly in English with a few lines in Korean. Each line has an echo-reverb to it which wraps the song in an OST-like display. Ashley brings in a fresh touch to the song with her bridge verse and vocal harmonization. The song is about letting go of complications and living like one should in their 20s.


A fun pop number, 'No Strings Attached' is a song that is exactly about what the title suggests. The song is replete with a sudden burst of music and energy that flow in with the chorus. The song ends on a high note instead of fading away and it leaves the listener wanting for more.

CWS (ft BM of KARD)

'California West Side', aka CWS is a chill number. The bilingual song finds Woosung singing in English, and KARD’s BM switching between Korean and English rap verses. A life free of stress and pressures is narrated in this song. The warm aesthetic of the beachy westside of the California county comes to one’s attention while listening to CWS.


Woosung’s 'Island' is the shortest in this album. The music is minimal, and he even uses onomatopoeia at places to mention the sounds he sings about. The acoustic guitar strings accentuate the desolate feeling in the singy. It expresses the idea of being deserted on an island.

Overall, Woosung gave his all and justified the term ‘genre’ with this comeback album. Collaborating with his friends from the music industry, he brought some memorable tracks for his fans. Each song is different from the last, but pack them together and they present a delectable treat. If you’re looking for some heady mix of groovy music with delectable voice, with a side of acoustics and electronica, Woosung’s Genre album is a good pick then. The lyrics are simple, yet impart the raw and honest emotions with ease. Releasing such a level-headed and succinct album on a Thursday is a rather smart move, as it will easily slide into the listener’s playlist for the weekend – just in time to unwind!

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