Award-Winning Film Lamha to Release on Sep 20th

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Award-Winning Film Lamha to Release on Sep 20thThe film with leading stars Aamina SheikhMohib Mirza and Gohar Rasheed won the ’Best Feature Film’ (People’s choice) awards and ‘Best Lead Actress’ awards for Aamina Sheikh both at its World Premiere in The New York City International Film Festival 2012 and the annual South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) summit’s film festival.

The film Lamha snared the ‘Best Feature Film’ award at the DC South Asian Festival in Washington in May 2013.

The much-awaited motion picture Lamha circles close to the enchanted few whose régimes tend to be amended enduringly. After a dreadful accident leaves them twirling with concern to stableness, with generous compliments for the way they have depicted their painful journey.

Producer Meher Jaffri said, “We are so thrilled that we are able to finally show the film at home for the people it was made for. Due credit goes to the stellar cast and crew of our film and kudos to initiatives such as The Platform, leading the charge on the distribution and exhibition front, a segment of the industry that was previously under-developed.”

While commenting on the film’s official release Aamina Sheikh said, “The project getting international recognition and now the much-awaited release in Pakistan is surely a reflection of such unwavering commitment and dedication of all those who ‘literally lived every moment of Lamha.”

Mohib Mirza stated that it was “heartening to finally know the much-awaited release date” and that its release was “a major step towards the revival of Pakistani cinema.”

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